Other Topics

There are a limitless number of topics and many students choose to develop their own concept that don’t fit neatly into traditional genres. Below are some “other” concentration topics.

Jason Lee, Class of 2013*JasonConcentration

*JasonWC C-Re-anorexia c-Re-Celena-Portrait C-Re-Feminism C-Re-Homophobia C-Re-Identity C-Re-Monicahung C-Re-MonicaTV C-Re-Seal-club C-Re-sexsells C-Re-Social-Issue C-re-steryotypes C-Re-violence


Angel Santos, Class of 2013

*AngelConcentration *AngelWC C-BatteryBush c-Detail 3 C-detail1 C-detail2 C-DSC_0265 C-DSC_0267 C-DSC_0273 C-DSC_0274 C-DSC_0285 C-DSC_0607 C-DSC_9878 C-Forever21 C-Skyview

Jankley Garcia, Class of 2012


First, I started with the clearest concept of civilization, urban cities. It is easy to look at our modern cities and admire how breathtaking they are, as seen on image#(tree girls on city). On the other hand, that is when we start loosing respect and admiration towards nature. With the first few pieces I wanted to revive that respect towards nature, and remind us that it can be breathtaking as well.

     After that, I focused on symbolic structures, as seen on image#(statue of liberty). My plan was to illustrate how nature’s beauty can make our most beautiful structures look like nothing but old, forgotten buildings. The idea was not to diminish the hard work that was put on those monuments, but rather shift our gaze from our own structural achievements, for a while, and focus it on the beauty of simple little flowers.

     Finally, I decided to go a bit deeper and tackle the aspects of our society, such as our education system, public transportation, war, and even modern technology. With this particular area, I wanted to illustrate how the things that we usually do in society have very little significance. How in the end we wasted so much time developing new technology, fighting unnecessary wars, and even centering our lives on money, that we forgot of the splendor that is out there in our own front yards.                                                                                     

Rebecca Kephart, Class of 2012

Becca Concentration C-1at bart station C-2conversation C-4josh blue maps C-5maria subway C-6looking out the window C-7looking away C-bart peoples C-bus door open C-four ignoring C-headphones and shades C-pointing at directory C-sleeper

Tiernan Kang, Class of 2010

C-Bass cove2 C-Blue net2 C-down rigger2 C-Flyfishing bridge2 C-Green river2 C-Kayak2 C-Owens river3 C-Surf fishing3

Rachel Rojas, Class of 2010


My concentration is an exploration of vessels with an emphasis on texture. 

I began my concentration by focusing mainly on geometric form of the vessel as you can see in image number (perfume bottle).  I also experimented with a variety of different textures to achieve physical contrast in the surface texture.  Using texture pads, carvings, and different forms of ridges, I carefully made each crevice and mound to complement the entire piece, as seen in image number (pitcher).  As I journeyed through my concentration, I began to explore more organic forms and created visual contrast using glazes as you can see in image number (flower vase).  


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